Decode your B2B Buying Center

Enroll in this course to:

  1. Understand the concept of B2B Buying Centers in marketing.
  2. Identify your own buying center members and recognize their needs and concerns.
  3. Reach members of your own buying center to close more B2B Sales for happier customers.

Dr.Subroto Roy @ StratoServe

Hi, I’m Dr. Roy and founder of StratoServe that has been serving businesses globally since 2005.

I am a Marketing Professor at University of New Haven, Connecticut, USA and was a Visiting Scholar at Yale University where I continue my research.

We understand that all businesses and B2B marketers are working hard to re-start after the global Coronavirus pandemic. To help Businesses recover from the pandemic we are offering this course for only $200 to help each of you make a great comeback.

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Find the right people in B2B Buying Center
Finding the right people is a big challenge in B2B Marketing.By identifying members of your own buying center will help you find and retain happier customers.

Go through each lecture reading, the accompanying video and quiz questions. We will be happiest if each student is able to identify their own buying center members.

Buying Center highly searched in Google
Buying Center is an actively searched term on Google.
Buying Center is among the top landing pages on the StratoServe Blog. Our great reader interest encouraged us to offer this course on "Decoding your Buying Center".

Multi Ethnic Success at Work
Globally, most successful B2B marketers have one thing in common- They really understand their Buying Center members.

Having worked with multiple companies globally, we are convinced that the most successful B2B marketers have one thing in common. They seem to truly understand the members of their buying centers and address their concerns during the sales process.